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GizmoLabs RPM 1.2

The best DJ application just got better...RPM. RPM brings the latest processing technology to the performing DJ. Best in class real-time pitch and tempo modifications, support for the latest hardware controllers, powerful library management, realistic turntable effects and scratching, automated mixing, and much more.


RPM 1.2 is a full-featured and powerful DJ application including:
- 3 complete DJ players with unlimited cues and a 4th case player
- Clean and updated UI that puts the important controls and information at your fingertips
- Customizable layout. Show hide only the parts you use, and make your own UI themes
- World's best digital scratch support, with a new Gizmolabs technology, has absolutly no sticker drift. When combined with the latest Denon DN-S3700 firmware, you can achieve super-low latencies of 0.25 ms (non time-stretch mode only). RPM is the only dj app in the world that uses this technology
- Support for over 10 different vinyl timecode systems
- New scriptable controller mapper. With a simple scripting language, RPM can map any midi and hid controller, both in and outs, to the RPM engine, and many other functions
- Our 'Smartview' system that learns what you play and gives mix suggestions as you play. The more you use RPM the more it learns
- Excellent time-stretch, with no stuttering effects and uneven beats like other systems
- Fully programmable auto play with mix in/out and programmable fades for individual tracks
- A non-intrusive beat assistant to keep your tracks in sync, and also allow you manually mix and jump around in the track
- Quantize mode makes your actions fall perfectly in beat. You can reorder track parts as you play live and keep everything in perfect sync
- A track library that can handle millions of tracks with full searching, playlists, smart lists, sub groups and more

The RPM players have been lovingly modeled after an actual turntable with a Shure M44-7 cartridge. The result is a digital player that behaves and sounds like a turntable. The emulation of a turntable goes one step farther by providing the finest scratching effect available in a digital player. Scratching can be controlled via midi controllers or one of the many timecoded vinyl systems. The scratching never sounds metallic or fake, just analog.
Use External Controllers

Interacting with your mix need not be done with just a mouse! RPM can be controlled by hardware controllers from leading manufacturers, such as Denon and others. In addition, you can use also almost any MIDI capable controller to control RPM.

Minimum Requirements:

Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
DirectX Compatible Video Adapter

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