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Braincell Protectorion

Protectorion encrypts your files, not your hard drive. Neither the formatting of hard drives nor the mounting of drives is necessary. Protect your files and folders with strong encryption. Manage and transport data securely between USB flash drives and hard drives. Create encrypted backup copies of your data. Give your files a description for immediate retrieval when required. Better organize your files by creating file versions. Send encrypted files via E-mail.

Full version: Protectorion Complete
Protectorion Complete can be used without time restrictions and contains two programs:

Protectorion PC
Install Protectorion PC on your computer (desktop or laptop).

Protectorion ToGo
Use Protectorion ToGo on your flash drives and external hard drives. No installation required! Simply drag Protectorion ToGo on your flash drives and external hard drives.

Strong encryption
Strong and quick encryption for all file types.
Secure and recognized industry standard AES 256 bit.
Encryption and decryption of folders and files with a mouse click.

Secure Exchange and Backup
Safe transportation and exchange of encrypted files.
Strong encryption for file on USB flash drives and hard drives.
Encrypted backup copies of all data.

Encrypted E-Mails
Send encrypted files as an e-mail attachment.
automatically with a mouse click with your personal e-mail program.
The encrypted attachment is protected with a unique code.

Descriptions and Versions
Describe files and folders with clear descriptive texts.
Create versions for frequently used files.
Automatic encryption of all descriptive texts and versions.

Files and Templates
Select and create new files from the file templates.
Easy creation of a template collection for frequently used files.
Automatic encryption of all new files and templates.

Search and Find
Search quickly and clearly with search result rating.
Find files, descriptions and versions based on search criteria.
Organize search results by dragging them to the appropriate folder.

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