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Sella Turcica (2010) DVDScr

Vomanet, War can have a traumatizing effect on those involved even long after the fact while movies glorify it by emphasizing victory over casualty. It's safer for the viewers but it's insulting to the soldiers that experienced it.

We may pretend like we can relate to what these soldiers have been through with our romanticized re-enactments, but the simple fact remains, we were not there. In reality war is horror and few films have been brave enough to prove that. This Veteran's Day it is important that we understand what some soldiers really do go through to protect our safety and how it can affect them later.

We've all heard the stories of the traumatized soldiers returning from war only to end up murdering their families, Sella Turcica, the latest horror film from Toetag Pictures, takes and up close and personal look at this disturbing reality. Toetag Pictures is one of the few motion picture companies who understand that the horrors of life are more terrifying then any make-believe monster Hollywood can conjure up.

The name Sella Turcica derives from a depression in the base of the skull that can compresses from trauma, thus resulting in color blindness and tumors. The film's lead character Brad suffers from such a condition.

Brad returns home from the War overseas sick and confined to a wheelchair. He family accepts his condition with open arms but Brad seems to secretly resent them for trying to relate to what he has been through. Things take a turn when Brad reveals a story to his brother about supernatural hosts infecting soldiers and abducting their bodies. But because Brad's story is disregarded due to his condition an eerie feeling sets in as the family discovers that Brad can now somehow walk on his own. In the haunting tradition of the possession scene in Redsin Tower, Brad's transformation is unnerving to say the least.

Sella Turcica is director Fred Vogel's proof to the critics that he can create thoughtful stories and likable characters that we all can relate to. And because of this strong character development there is a greater emotional impact when the horror strikes them. And for those of you familiar with Fred's previous work, you can guarantee that the horror will shock you! Any comparisons to Deathdream will go straight out the window once the bleak story encompasses you. And nobody does gore like Jerami Cruise, and this may be his best special effects work to date! Gorehounds rejoice! Damien Maruscak, Camille Keaton and Jade Riser are at the top of their games, delivering a slow and uncomfortable tension for the calm before the storm. I did not expect something this diverse from Fred Vogel! This shows true progress and professionalism, (although the August Underground films still remain my personal favorites), I look forward to all future creativity that stems from your twisted mind! And to all the soldiers and their families out there, sometimes we need a movie like this to bring us all back down to reality, to open our eyes to the true horrors that you all go through to protect us every day. It's sad and disturbing, but it's something we can't ignore when showing true appreciation for you and all that you do. Here's to hoping things get better and that someday horror might exist only in our entertainment! Happy Veteran's Day!

Release Date: 2010
Genre: Thriller
Cast: Sean P. McCarthy, Damien A. Maruscak
Quality: DVDScr
Subtitle: Belum ada

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