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Inhale (2010) BDRip

Vomanet, That is the question that Paul Stanton, a public defender (Dermot Mulroney), is faced with when his daughter, Chloe, is in dire need of a new set of lungs and it looks like she will die before she can get a transplant in America. Diane Kruger plays Diane Stanton, Paul's Wife and Chloe's mother who spends most of the movie looking worried for her daughter.

The movie explores the dangerous, poverty stricken part of Mexico near the US border and the underworld of organ transplants bought on the black market. Paul Stanton finds out that a man he knows, James Harrison (Sam Shepard) had once needed a new heart, had mere months to live & despite never having received a transplant according to his medical records, was alive years later and now off the transplant list. After a confrontation, Harrison admits that he received a new heart from Mexico and was contacted by the mysterious Dr. Navaro, drove to the border, paid $100,000 & was drugged & awoke with a new heart. He doesn't know how to contact the Dr. which sets Stanton on his journey to Mexico to find the illusive Dr Navaro so he can secure an illegal transplant for his daughter, whose condition is worsening and is close to lung failure.

The movie follows Stanton through Mexico as he is put in different dangerous situations in his pursuit to save his child. What is he willing to do to save her? Will he risk his own life? Risk the lives of others? Kill someone to make it happen?

These are all questions answered through the movie as the audience watches Stanton do what he feels he needs to do in Mexico to get lungs for his daughter, Chloe.

In the end, the lead character is faced with a true question about morality and what he is really willing to do to save her - He went to Mexico with the idea that he would do ANYTHING but when confronted with something so horrific, will he really make the right decision & really, what IS the right decision?

The ending may seem unrealistic to some & realistic to others but no one really knows what decision he or she would make if put in a similar situation until he or she is actually in that situation.

I give this movie a 7/10 - the acting is fantastic and the story is engaging and suspenseful enough to hold ones attention.

Release Date: 2010
Genre: Drama
Pemain: Diane Kruger, Dermot Mulroney, Rosanna Arquette, Sam Shepard, Jordi Mollà, Vincent Perez, Walter Perez, David Selby, Mia Stallard, Kisha Sierra
Quality: BDRip
Subtitle: Indonesia, English

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