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Back From Hell: A Tribute to Sam Kinison (2010) DVDRip

Vomanet, Sam Kinnison is the man. Not was, but is because even though he has been dead for years no one has come close to filling the void he left. Sam was light years ahead of his time. His bits range from marriage to AIDS and are every bit as offensive, hilarious and genius as they were 25 years ago. This doc is made in the "standard" form that you have probably seen a million times; talking heads cut with clips of stand up and old videos. This style of doc has been done to death and is the easy/lazy way out but at least the talking heads are people (mostly fellow comics) who had personal relationships with Sam and not a bunch of flavor of the month jerk offs (F U Leno. I can say with complete confidence that Kinnison would HATE who you are and what you stand for now). The best parts of the film, other than the stand up, are the personal stories and remembrances from the comics and I really wish there was more of that. Sam was an amazing talent who led a very interesting tragic, painful, and unique life and held a one of a kind world view. It really is time someone gave his story the attention and recognition it deserves. I mean come on, an ex-preacher turned stand up comic/womanizer/drug addict with a rock star F IT ALL attitude!!!??!! How has that story not been told properly? While this documentary isn't all it could be, it is entertaining none the less and is perfect for people who are new to Kinnison........... The director of the Wild Thing video talking about the shoot and the excess that went along with it is worth the price of admission alone. YOU WALKED ALL OVER MY HEART SAM!!!! I HOPE YOUR HAVING THE BIGGEST PARTY HELL HAS EVER SEEN!!!! DO A LINE WITH THE BIG GUY FOR ME!!!! OH! OH! OOOHHHHH!!!!!!

Release Date: 2010
Genre: Comedy
Cast: Daniel DiCriscio, Denis Leary and Jay Leno
Quality: DVDRip
Subtitle: belum ada

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