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January 2011

Monday Night Combat-SKIDROW
January 26, 2011 | Developer & Publisher: Uber Entertainment
Multilanguage | PC | ISO | 2.85 GB

Monday Night Combat is a class-based, third-person shooter and the most popular lethal sport of the future! It blends intense combat, finishing moves, and game show-like challenges and rewards to produce an action experience unlike any other. Why fight for "honor" or "duty" when you can fight for the real American dream: cash, fame and endorsements?

Release Date: 22 October 2010
Genre: Horror
Cast: Katie Featherston, Micah Sloat
Quality: BDRip
Subtitle: Indonesia, English

Kita memang bukan satu-satunya penghuni alam ini. Di dimensi lain masih ada makhluk yang keberadaannya sulit diterima akal sehat. Dalam beberapa kasus, makhluk dari dimensi lain ini hanya bisa dilihat oleh orang-orang tertentu saja namun tak jarang juga keberadaan makhluk ini bisa terdeteksi oleh kamera. Celakanya, persentuhan dengan dimensi lain ini tak selalu terjadi secara baik-baik.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 ini adalah kelanjutan dari film horor dengan budget rendah yang beredar tahun 2009 lalu. Film bagian pertamanya saja sudah membuat geger di banyak negara. Di Italia, kabarnya sempat ada beberapa penonton yang mengalami shock dan terpaksa pemerintah memasang peringatan di setiap gedung bioskop yang memutar film horor ini.

PC GAME | ISO | English | Publisher: Paradox Interactive | Jan 26, 2010
Genre: Fantasy | Action | Adventure | 975.3 MB

Magicka is a satirical action-adventure game set in a rich fantasy world based on Norse mythology. The player assumes the role of a wizard from a sacred order tasked with stopping an evil sorcerer who has thrown the world into turmoil, his foul creations besieging the forces of good.

Vomanet, There are two parts in Fair Game, one of which lasts far longer than the other. This part is how the film opens, and despite being humorous and light in tone, it isn't anywhere near as entertaining as I was hoping the film would be. After surviving the first part of the film, I got to the second, and was thrilled to finally get some excitement from the film.

That isn't to say the first half is bad, it just wasn't anything like I was expecting. Marketed, (although barely marketed at all), as a political thriller, the majority of the film isn't that at all. I'll admit that setting up the scenario and characters is nice, but doing it in a somewhat confusing and overlong way hurt the finished product.

The first part of the film does a decent enough job at setting up the story. We meet our two leads, our antagonist(s), but we don't get much in terms of thrills. We find out that Valerie Plame (Naomi Watts) is a CIA agent, and that she is far more ruthless than she first appears. She knows how to get the information that she wants, and she utilizes this technique whenever it is required.

Vomanet, Oscar-winner Cuba Gooding, Jr. has had one of the strangest acting careers in a long time. Ever since he won at the Academy for his performance as Rod Tidwell in 'Jerry Maguire,' he has been caught in a sort of downward spiral. This has sent the once-promising actor deep into the realm of straight-to-video nonsense, like his previous films 'The Devil's Tomb' and 'The Way of War.' Why he's been doing this is a mystery. No talent agent is bad enough to actually think these scripts are worth while or think they're anything more than a guaranteed failure. Maybe it's bad luck, maybe it's laziness, maybe Cuba just doesn't want the spotlight he deserves.

Whatever the reason for his failing success, it has led him straight to 'Ticking Clock.' In it, he plays Lewis Hicks, a journalist who gets put on the trail of a sadistic serial killer after his own girlfriend is viciously murdered. With the killer's journal in hand, Lewis must race against time to rescue the murderer's next victims. As the path begins to weave its way around and to a young orphan boy, Lewis begins to discover a deeper mystery surrounding the murders.

Vomanet, Also known as "Doenjang". When a convict on death-row wants bean paste stew before he dies, a director becomes curious. He finds out many surprising truths.

A notorious murderer’s last words before execution are a request to have the soybean soup he had before his arrest. In the same way the reporter tried to uncover the meaning of “Rosebud” in Citizen Kane, a broadcast producer starts tracing the secret of the soup. Behind the captivating taste lies a woman’s unfortunate life and love story.

It has been twelve years since Lee Seogoon made his last film, Rub Love, and here the director wonderfully mixes two different genres-the thriller and the love story. The English title, “The Recipe” contains a lot of meaning: a record of a person’s life, a memory of taste, an experience of loss and a chronicle of hurts. In this sense, the film is a recipe for everything. With his original touch, Lee illustrates the obsession with unforgettable memories of love and a fatalistic point of view. The soybean soup recipe contains pain, longing and salvation. In a sense, the recipe is the very history of Korea’s memory and tradition.

Vomanet, Like 95% of the original programming on "Syfy" (I have to put that in quotes as I still cringe when I see that spelling), this movie was another complete waste of time. The only reason I actually watched it all the way through was because I was doing something else in my living room at the time and it was convenient to have something on that I didn't need to concentrate on to follow it. It never ceases to amaze me with "Syfy" movies that a no doubt well-intentioned screenwriter, crew and actors spent months of their lives, and doubtless millions of dollars, to make something as bland as this. The plot is not even worth recounting since you've seen it many times before - a meteor is heading towards Earth, threatening to destroy it, and some scientists have to figure out a way to stop it, while incidentally saving their marriage in the process. Suffice it to say that there is not a single even remotely original or interesting moment in the entire movie.

The only reason I even gave this movie two stars is because of the acting. All of the acting, especially poor Michael Trucco (who must have had trouble keeping his lunch down, having to do this on the heels of "Battlestar Galactica" - I hope you were at least able to pay your rent, Mike!) and Kari Matchett, is as good as it possibly can be considering what they were given to work with.

PC GAME | ISO | English | Publisher: Paradox Interactive | Jan 26, 2010
Genre: Fantasy | Action | Adventure | 437.46 MB

Magicka is a satirical action-adventure game set in a rich fantasy world based on Norse mythology. The player assumes the role of a wizard from a sacred order tasked with stopping an evil sorcerer who has thrown the world into turmoil, his foul creations besieging the forces of good.

Vomanet, [With Love to Obama]Phase Gaye Re Obama is a comedy set against the backdrop of global recession/meltdown that originated in USA. The film traces the journey of OM Shashtri, an American citizen of Indian origin, who loses all his wealth overnight to the global recession & has been asked to vacate his home by the bank unless he pays up $100,000 (mortgaged amount) within 30 days. Seeing no other option Om comes to India to sell a small piece of an ancestral property. But within days of landing in India he is kidnapped by a 'recession-hit' underworld gang those who think that he is still a millionaire. What happens to Om, is he able to save his home, how did the 'poor' gangster cope with their 'poor' catch & what do small town Indian gangsters have to say to President largely forms the rest of the story. The film, showcases how global recession/ meltdown impacted lives from an America based businessman to underworld dons in the dusty plains of small town India.

Vomanet, I do not think that it is fair for people to slam this movie. There are some quite funny moments in this film. I felt some great acting performances were done, especially the one from the actor Lisa Marrs as Miriam. She had me in stitches. I thought her performance was spot on. Mary-Jane Amor as Pammy was a bright spark as well. Granted... there are some actors in this film that don't seem to come up to the mark... no names mentions to save them embarrassment, but I always believe the key to a successful film is through the director, screen writers and the cinematographer - not to mention the budget. I thought about half of the cast were totally great, its just unfortunate that some of the players let this film down. On the upside tho, for the first fully cast film by internet votes is an exciting and hopefully the future of casting. At least check it out... if you think it is a lemon... say so... if you enjoyed it... say so. Watch it and give it a chance before you comment. Remember, a lot of work goes into making a film like this on a budget.

Vomanet, Mr Nice is a rare beast of a film, it swaggers, it spits, it dreams, it punches, it laughs, it cries and of course and likely above all it gets stoned.

Howard Marks is the central character played effortlessly by Rhys Ifans, a welsh school boy turned big city student and pothead. We see Marks transformation through a series of off beat scenes in which director Bernard Rose reflects on Marks' humble, banal yet honest origins. Then our protagonist through a combination youthful substance experimentation and a fateful convergence of circumstances is established as an international Drug smuggler,

We are gradually introduced to a plethora of interesting characters that vary from casual love interests to drug dealing allies, who materialise as Ifans travels deeper into Marks' world of dope, dealing and debauchery. Amongst the group are fine supporting efforts notably from David Thewlis who delivers the hilariously cranky IRA terrorist turned middle man Jim. Chloë Sevigny convinces as the overly supportive wife and mother Judy and Omid Djalili sparkles intermittently as the Pakistani pusher Saleem Malik.

  • Genre: Strategy, RPG
  • Developer: Realmforge Studios
  • Publisher: Kalypso Media Digital
  • Release Date: 26/01/2011
Dungeons follows the mis-adventures of the foremost of all Dungeon Lordswho spends his time luring heroes into his labyrinthine creations with thepromise of treasure and a good fight — only to be trapped by his ingeniousdevices. Once they are in his grasp, our Dungeon Lord must look after andcherish his new found prisoners until they are more comfortable with theirsurroundings because come the “harvest”, happy heroes have more precioussoul energy for you to gleefully extract via foul prisons or twistedtorture chambers!

Ninja Blade-SKIDROW
Ninja Blade
Publisher: Noviy Disk
Developer: From Software

Game Description:
Ninja Blade™ is an action adventure game set within modern day Tokyo. Parasites known as alpha-worms have mysteriously appeared, unleashing a wave of human destruction as they rapidly spread east, reaching the shores of Tokyo. With the future of humankind hanging in the balance, an exclusive and elite team possessing highly specialized skills is formed to eliminate the enemy onslaught, and ultimately save mankind from complete obliteration.

Vomanet, The story centers around five girls who find themselves trapped in an unfamiliar place with a telling them that one of them has to sacrifice her life in a diabolical ritual. Struggling to survive, the girls need to reveal their sins and in order to satisfy the devilish voice

Info: [Thai-Movie]
Release Date: 2010
Genre: -
Cast: Rungrawee Barijindakul, Saruta Reungwiriya, Patchuda Panpipat
Quality: DVDRip
Subtitle: belum ada

Vomanet, Greetings again from the darkness. Attended a screening last evening and came away a bit surprised. The preview, thanks in part to Ida Maria's blaring "Oh My God", had me convinced this was going to be a typical slapstick teen comedy. Instead, co-writers and co-directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck deliver a black comedy-drama that has appeal to both teens and grown-ups.

The story revolves around Craig, a 16 year old who is feeling depressed and suicidal given the pressures of a relentless father, looming college entrance exams and a screwed up social life. You are right if you are thinking this sounds like just about every 16 year old on the planet. The difference here is that Craig checks himself into a psych ward ... he ends up in the adult wing, as the teen wing is undergoing renovations. Craig is played by Keir Gilchrist, who I can best describe as a young Keanu Reeves clone, only too smart rather than too clueless.

Vomanet, Despite having already read the book and knowing fully well what was coming, I was still shocked. Confessions is a disturbing film, a morbid film and what happens is mind-blowing. It is disheartening, scary even, to see middle school students who are close to demented, with no heartfelt mercy or sympathy, who can kill freely for baffling reasons. At the same time, the adult characters are just as heartless. The teacher, Yuko Moriguchi (played by Takako Matsu) is intimidating – her only purpose in life after the death of her daughter is revenge; far from the typical adult mentor and role model that we are so used to seeing.

But the reason why I gave a higher rating to the film than the novel was because the director, Testuya Nakashima, did a marvelous job at taking a mediocre book with stagnant flow and transforming it into an intelligently crafted suspenseful film that maintains realism and proper flow. The 'blue' look (most obvious in the classroom scenes) and the ominous, monotonous soundtrack just adds to the film's darkness. Though the initial confession by Ms. Moriguchi is rather long winded, the rest of the film will consistently confuse, startle and even upset audiences.

Vomanet, That is the question that Paul Stanton, a public defender (Dermot Mulroney), is faced with when his daughter, Chloe, is in dire need of a new set of lungs and it looks like she will die before she can get a transplant in America. Diane Kruger plays Diane Stanton, Paul's Wife and Chloe's mother who spends most of the movie looking worried for her daughter.

The movie explores the dangerous, poverty stricken part of Mexico near the US border and the underworld of organ transplants bought on the black market. Paul Stanton finds out that a man he knows, James Harrison (Sam Shepard) had once needed a new heart, had mere months to live & despite never having received a transplant according to his medical records, was alive years later and now off the transplant list. After a confrontation, Harrison admits that he received a new heart from Mexico and was contacted by the mysterious Dr. Navaro, drove to the border, paid $100,000 & was drugged & awoke with a new heart. He doesn't know how to contact the Dr. which sets Stanton on his journey to Mexico to find the illusive Dr Navaro so he can secure an illegal transplant for his daughter, whose condition is worsening and is close to lung failure.

Vomanet, I, like a lot of people, enjoyed the first Mean Girls film, which is of course 9 times better than this. Mean Girls 2 lacks the quality writing that the first had. Of course, with Tina Fey at the helm of Mean Girls, they probably weren't going to find anyone much better. I wasn't really too thrilled to hear a sequel was being made, but when I heard Meaghan Martin was the lead, I said, "Well, I know I'll be watching." Ms. Martin is a young actress who does not get the recognition she deserves. She was wonderful as "Bianca" in "10 Things I Hate About You". In Mean Girls 2, she is essentially playing against type as a loner. In most things she's been in, she's a prissy materialistic bimbo. So, in all seriousness, I only watched to oogle at her. Martin, and the rest of the cast for that matter (with the exception of Maiara Walsh as the Queen Bee, see below for more), turn in good performances, making the best with the material they are given. Mean Girls 2 is fairly unrealistic in comparison to the first, and on that note a more stereo-typical high school movie. Mean Girls 1 was so funny because it was true, and it was based on a non-fiction book. Mean Girls 2 has no source material except the first film, which it reenacts perfectly.

Vomanet, Setelah bebrapa lama Wifi di Acer Aspire 4315 belum berjalan di Ubuntu, akhirnya lihat ada pencerahan. Dan coba install mengikuti pencerahan, ternyata ada sedikit error. Setelah cek sana, cek sini ternyata error terjadi karena ndiswrapper belum terinstall. Dan ketika di install dari sypnatic gak bisa, akhirnya install manual, eh ternyata error juga karena super user alias root belum aktif. Maka aktifkan root dan coba install. langkah-langkah untuk install driver atheros :

pastikan dahulu bahwa ndiswrapper terinstall di ubuntu. Kalaua di Hardy Heron (nyg saya pakai) sepertinya ndiswrapper tidak terinstall (hal ini terjadi di 2 notebook yang diinstall Hardy Heron).

Vomanet, Icon-icon yang ada dalam desktop Windows 7, default-nya tampil dengan ukuran yang cukup besar. Apabila Anda hanya memiliki beberapa icon saja, mungkin hal ini tidak terlalu mengganggu desktop. Namun, bagaimana jika Anda memiliki banyak icon dari program-program yang ter-install?.
Tentu saja dengan banyaknya icon di desktop bisa membuat Anda tidak nyaman dalam menggunakan Windows 7. Desktop jadi tertutup oleh barisan icon yang berukuran besar. Bahkan, bila jumlahnya terlalu banyak, icon akan terlihat bertumpuk-tumpuk. Bagi Anda yang merasa tidak nyaman dengan ukuran icon di desktop yang terlalu besar, Anda bisa mengikuti tips siangkat berikut ini untuk mengecilkan ukuran icon. Caranya mudah dan singkat.

Vomanet, Few Indians are aware of the number of suicides that occur in Indian Hostels as a result of the phenomenon termed as ‘Ragging’. This sadistic practice has become a ritual wherein students are beaten up, stripped, paraded naked, starved, tortured, molested and even raped by their seniors. Since victims of ragging find it humiliating to report sexual abuse to their parents or others, most ragging-related crimes go unreported. Sadly, these very students - who suffer silently at the hands of their seniors - in turn vent their frustrations by ragging their juniors in the following years. Thus, this cruel practice continues year after year and has claimed (and is still claiming) the lives and careers of innumerable students. The film ‘Hostel’ is a shocking eye-opener about this evil practice and is a wake-up call for all of us

Vomanet,Kita memang bukan satu-satunya penghuni alam ini. Di dimensi lain masih ada makhluk yang keberadaannya sulit diterima akal sehat. Dalam beberapa kasus, makhluk dari dimensi lain ini hanya bisa dilihat oleh orang-orang tertentu saja namun tak jarang juga keberadaan makhluk ini bisa terdeteksi oleh kamera. Celakanya, persentuhan dengan dimensi lain ini tak selalu terjadi secara baik-baik.

Paranormal Activity 2 ini adalah kelanjutan dari film horor dengan budget rendah yang beredar tahun 2009 lalu. Film bagian pertamanya saja sudah membuat geger di banyak negara. Di Italia, kabarnya sempat ada beberapa penonton yang mengalami shock dan terpaksa pemerintah memasang peringatan di setiap gedung bioskop yang memutar film horor ini.

Kini, kengerian itu akan dibawa naik setingkat lebih tinggi lagi. Paramount Pictures menggaet Michael R. Perry, penulis naskah yang sempat meraih piala Emmy Award, untuk menulis naskah film kedua ini. Oren Peli yang menjadi sutradara bagian pertama kini hanya menjabat sebagai produser saja sementara kursi sutradara dilimpahkan pada Tod Williams. Belum banyak informasi yang beredar soal alur kisah yang bakal diangkat film ini kecuali bahwa para pemain bagian pertama akan tetap mendapat peran dalam bagian kedua ini

Vomanet,Global Metal is lifetime head-banger Sam Dunn's second document of heavy metal music. This time we concentrate on metal as global phenomenon. We travel with Sam Dunn from China to Japan, Israel, Iran, Indonesia etc, which countries doesn't seem so metal in front. This document tells about morality, message and controversial of especially on religious countries.

Sam Dunn did it again. Global Metal is awesome both visually and by content. The document is build in fantastic way, and it tells more tales of the most powerful genre, metal-/heavy music. For most metal fans it comes by surprise that heavy metal can be found such unexpected countries like India for instance. The document proves that anthropologist-metal head Dunn knows what he's doing.

That's of the praise. Global Metal was good, but it had some disappointments as well. I would have liked to more countries, like Thailand, and Taiwan (where black metal bands like Anthelion and Crionics come from), and more darker genres - because it's more rule than exception that there is always soft genres like nu metal, heavy metal, power metal and death metal in these documents. Black metal is often totally ignored. Global Metal was also kind of short by length.

Vomanet, Semua orang tahu pentingnya kesehatan dan karena itu pula produsen obat-obatan tak pernah merugi. Di tengah persaingan antara produsen produk farmasi yang saling berusaha menjadi yang teratas dalam penjualan, segala cara bisa dihalalkan termasuk menggunakan daya tarik seksual. Celakanya, gara-gara trik ini juga salah satu karyawan pemasaran produk farmasi ini jadi terlibat urusan rumit.

Jamie Reidy (Jake Gyllenhaal) tahu bahwa dalam urusan pemasaran, semua orang adalah serigala. Karena itu Jamie tak mau jadi orang yang lemah. Di balik penampilannya yang terlihat ramah, Jamie adalah pemangsa. Celakanya, naluri pemburu Jamie ini tak berlaku buat Maggie Murdock (Anne Hathaway) yang juga sama tangguhnya.

Saat Jamie dan Maggie bertemu, ada percikan api asmara yang mulai terlihat namun saat hubungan ini berjalan, Jamie dan Maggie sama-sama sadar kalau ternyata apa yang mereka duga selama ini tidak sepenuhnya benar. Meski mereka berdua sama-sama 'tangguh' dan tak mudah dibujuk begitu saja, masih ada yang bisa membius mereka. Cinta memang tak ubahnya candu.

Vomanet, Kalian adalah pengguna Smadav? mungkin pernah menghadapi apa yang disebut dengan Smadav Blacklist. Apalagi dengan kondisi sekarang, dimana smadav baru saja melakukan Update menjadi Smadav 8.8

Blacklist terjadi karena anda telah melakukan atau memasukkan key smadav Pro yang bukan hak anda.
Untuk menghilangkan blacklist Smadav 8.8, dan menjadikan smadav 8.8 Pro, maka yang anda harus lakukan adalah sebagai berikut :

Vomanet, Sita mendapat kabar penting dari pos Jagawana gunung Sarangan, gunung yang terkenal dengan ‘daerah angkernya”, bahwa sudah dua hari ini, Gancar adiknya dan beberapa teman grup pendaki belum lapor ke pos satu, dikuatirkan mereka hilang di tengah jalur pendakian. Kejadian ini membuat Sita shock, saat itu juga Sita bersama Oji bergegas untuk berangkat menyusul mencari Gancar dkk

Tanpa sepengetahuan Sita dan Oji, Bagus mendatangi Tito, sahabat lama yang mengasingkan diri karena trauma dengan masa lalu yang menghancurkan persahabatan mereka. Dahulu Norman dan Tito pernah hilang di gunung Sarangan. Saat itu hanya Tito yang selamat, Norman dinyatakan hilang secara misterius di salah satu lokasi angker gunung Sarangan. Semenjak peristiwa itu, Tito selalu dihantui rasa bersalah. Ia memutuskan untuk menjauh dari kegiatan pecinta alam. Bagus memaksa Tito untuk ikut naik gunung dan membantu menjadi volunteer SAR untuk mencari Gancar dkk. Tito akhirnya mau membantu, berpikir bahwa ini adalah saat yang tepat untuk menebus kesalahannya dahulu.

Vomanet, The 1982 gongfu classic "Shaolin" introduced Jet Li to the world, but there is no breakout star to be found here in Benny Chan's take on the famed birthplace of Shaolin martial arts. No matter really- though Heavenly King Andy Lau may not have the moves or the agility to match Jet Li, his leading man performance here is no less terrific. Indeed, what Andy lacks in the physical department, he more than amply makes up for with his dramatic chops, delivering a deeply moving performance as the arrogant and scheming warlord Hou Jie who undergoes a 180-degree transformation under the tutelage of the Shaolin monks.

This transformation is at the heart of Benny Chan's film, which differentiates itself splendidly from the recent crop of period epics with a generous infusion of Buddhist teachings. These nuggets of wisdom elevate "Shaolin" into a surprisingly thoughtful film, meditating on the fruitlessness of anger, violence and hatred, and preaching ever persuasiveness the merits of peace, compassion and love. Non-believers however need not fear- Benny's sure hand never lets the film become sanctimonious, instead emphasising the universal truths of these teachings and demonstrating their truism through a heartfelt yarn.

Vomanet, Katarina adalah guru musik yang sedang terobsesi dengan simfoni yang belum selesai. Dia khawatir adiknya, Ondrej seorang penemu tertutup yang cukong tersebut konon teduh dan berbahaya. Kemudian suatu hari, mantan suaminya Pietro muncul di rumahnya dan kunci di kandang.
(eng) Katarina is a music teacher obsessed with an unfinished symphony. She worries about her brother, Ondrej an introverted inventor whose financiers are reputedly shady and dangerous. Then one day, her ex-husband Pietro shows up in her house and locks her in a cage.

Vomanet, Takdir memang kadang tak bisa dimengerti. Takdir pula yang mempertemukan Frank Barnes (Denzel Washington) dan Will Gordon (Chris Pine) dalam sebuah petualangan panjang menyelamatkan banyak nyawa dari ancaman sebuah kereta maut. Tanpa mereka berdua, kereta api yang mengangkut bahan kimia ini bakal mengancam seluruh warga kota.

Frank adalah mekanik senior di perusahaan kereta api sementara Will adalah seorang kondektur muda yang juga bertugas di tempat Frank. Suatu ketika, saat Frank dan Will bertugas bersama, tersiar kabar kalau ada kereta yang tak bisa dikendalikan dan mengancam seluruh isi kota. Kereta ini tak bisa dihentikan karena tak ada awak kereta yang menjalankan gerbong maut ini.

Vomanet, I had been looking forward to Dragon Tiger Gate since even before its Asian theatrical release. Same director (Wilson Yip) and action choreographer (Donnie Yen) as Sha Po Lang (aka Killzone on your videostore walls), and also once again co-starring Donnie Yen. It also stars Shawn Yue (who I don't know) and Nicholas Tse, who I've been assured many times by my friend Kim is a uber-hottie. This one was definitely just a straight-up action movie with visual effects to emphasize the coolness factor. I enjoy the occasional flashy action movie, and actually really got into this one, characters and all. Instead of saying much about plot, let's just say that 2 of the 3 leads are brothers who hadn't seen each other in a long time, and they team up with a new friend to kick some bad guy ass. Not for those of you who hate unrealistic action. Though I always enjoy seeing Donnie Yen kick a guy so hard he flies 20 feet back and through a wall.

Vomanet, Gremlins remains one of my favourite films from childhood, and it is thanks to Joe Dante who helmed the films with enough to keep it frightening, yet kid friendly and family oriented at the same time. It's been a long while since I've missed Small Soldiers on the big screen, that he now returns with The Hole, yet dabbling with a similar treatment of making it quite the entertaining romp for both young and old to sit through.

A pity about the 3D version though, as I opted to watch this in 2D, and clearly because of the 3D gimmick, there were a few needless scenes stuck in, like having a kid throw a baseball toward the screen while lying on his back on his bed. On the whole there weren't too many deliberate 3D shots designed for the film, though I thought that the special effects put into it were spiffy enough, especially since there was a good mix of traditional stop motion efforts deliberate done in a cheesy manner, and those of the modern money shots toward the end.

Vomanet, PartitionGuru is a very useful, easy to use application specially designed to offer users a partition management and data recovery software.

In addition to partition management functions such as creating, deleting, formatting partitions, it also provides more powerful functions like recovering lost files, recovering lost partitions, clone partition to image file, partition clone, disk clone, quick partition etc.

Vomanet, IconPackager is a program that allows users to change nearly all of their Windows icons at once by applying "packages" of icons. A package of icons contains icons to replace most of the common icons on your Windows PC.

Stop using Tuneup Utilities Styler to change your icons. Unlike Tuneup, Icon Packager doesnt only change icons, it also changes cursors, and unlike themes which only change a few icons, IconPackager changes hundreds of icons. A package of icons contains icons to replace most of the common icons on your Windows PC.

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