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Wondershare Time Freeze

Vomanet, Wondershare Time Freeze with the revolutionary new interface, is more powerful virtual system software, yet, as easy-to-use as the 1.0 version. Utilizing more advanced virtualization technology, it can provide higher-level security to computer, enhance MBR protection, and greatly improve the efficiency of virtual system. Time Freeze is also more flexible to save or discard virtual system data, and you can set different mode for folder protection.

Easy switch between virtual system and real system:
To enter virtual system, you don't need to reboot computer; to return to real system, just exit System Protection, and you can save or discard virtual system data freely.

Effective virtual system tool:
Time Freeze creates a virtual environment as a twin (copy) of the real system, on which you evaluate applications, watch movies, and perform online activities. While the real system is under protection, you no longer have to worry about viruses, spyware, malware and other threats.

MBR protection:
Time Freeze 2.0.3 enhanced protection to the boot sector of hard disk so as to guarantee the normal startup of system.

Virtual system performance increased 60%:
Physical Memory Buffer Mode lets you save virtual system data on physical memory rather than on the hard disk, so as to greatly improve the efficiency and performance of virtual system.

Prolong service life of hard disk:
Using Physical Memory Buffer Mode can minimize the frequency of writing/reading hard disk and prolong its service life.

USB stick protection:
Prevent virus/malware threats from USB sticks to infect your computer, and prevent authorized users to copy your important files using USB sticks.

More robust folder protection:
Improved software kernel of Folders Protection brings higher-level security to folders and files in them. Protect files against virus and malicious threats more effectively.

Protect your privacy:
Prohibit unauthorized others to view or make change to files in the protected folders.

Easily manage folders:
Support changing the icon of protected folders, so it will be clear for you to manage them.

More flexible protection options:
Time Freeze 2.0.3 supports setting different protection mode for different folders, while Time Freeze 1.0 only allows users to set the same protection mode for all folders.

New intuitive interface:
The interface of Time Freeze 2.0.3 is a completely new design, which makes it more intuitive than Time Freeze 1.0.

Support 64-bit OS:
The easy-to-use virtual system program added support to 64-bit OS, including 64-bit of Windows 7, XP and Vista.
Flashing system tray icon is gone: Annoyed by the flashing system tray icon? It is gone in Time Freeze 2.0.3. You can set to auto hide the tray icon. And just press Alt+Ctrl+F8 to show/hide system tray icon.

Automatic system detect:
During the installation process, it will automatically detect if there is similar software already installed on your computer, and provide corresponding solution.

Key Features & Benefits of Time Freeze:
» Keep system safe from threats of viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, etc.
» Enter virtual system in 2 clicks, no need to reboot computer
» Easy system restore and recovery to remove all problems
» Surf internet safely, and test software & game installations without fear
» Robust MBR protection guarantees the normal startup of PC
» New protection mode greatly improves efficiency of virtual system
» System Protection
» Folder Protection
» Password Protection
» Change Icon of Protected Folder
» MBR Protection
» Physical Memory Buffer Mode
» Customizable Folder Protection Mode
» USB Stick Protection
» Hide System Tray Icon
» Support 32-bit OS
» Support 64-bit OS
» Friendly Interface

What's New of Wondershare Time Freeze 2.0.3
• Updated the brand VI.
• Updated the copyright information for 2011.
• Modified the Buy and Update links to
• Added Support Center and Contact Customer Service links in Help menu.

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