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PC Chaperone Professionel

PC Chaperone Professionel v5.7.971 | 7 MB
PC Chaperone Professional Edition combines all of the parental controls found in the Premium Edition with powerful monitoring and email notification tools. This edition is designed for parents, employers, and non-profit organization administrators who want complete control of their computers and want to monitor user activities so they can identify and address prohibited or dangerous behavior. This edition is also intended for organizations with multiple workstations. It includes tools that make the initial setup and future changes much quicker. If you're not sure which edition is best for you perhaps our Edition Comparison Chart will help.

NO subscription fees
ALL future updates are free, even when we add new features

Stealth mode
Control and monitor users without their knowledge

Centralized security settings
PC Chaperone setup files can be shared from a common central location
Simplifies installation on multiple workstations
Allows security settings on all workstations to be updated by making changes to only one workstation

Monitor user activities
Record both sides of any AOL, Live Messenger, or Yahoo Instant Messenger conversation
Monitor every website users visit
Record every keystroke in any program
Record which programs are being used and for how long

Block peer-to-peer file sharing programs
Block peer-to-peer file sharing programs, a common source of adult content as well as illegal music, movie, and software

Filter Internet content
Pre-built filters that include extensive lists of known websites as well as powerful dynamic filters that categorize web pages as they are viewed
Create your own lists of websites to block or allow. You can even restrict Internet access to only sites you approve

Schedule time spent on any website
The perfect tool to limit time spent on sites like and Facebook

Control instant messenger use
Schedule when AOL (AIM), Windows Live Messenger (MSN), or Yahoo Instant Messenger can be used
Control who users can have conversations with

Control when users can run any program
Schedule access to programs and groups of programs
Completely block access to any programs

Limit computer use
Schedule when the computer can be used

Block program installations
Prevent users from installing new software
This is a vital tool for companies and non-profit organizations, which can be held liable for illegal software installed by users

Protect critical Windows tools
Disable the registry editing tool
Prevent windows date/time changes
Disable the Windows Task Manager
Disable MS-DOS windows

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