Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kulkul - Welcome to Bali

Kulkul - Welcome to Bali [2010] | Ethnic, Indonesia, Instrumental | Indie | 58MB | 192Kbps

Artist : Kulkul
Album : Welcome to Bali
Released Date : April 9, 2010
Size: 58MB
Bitarate: 192Kbps
Label : Indie
Publish for International Music
Info: http://jazzuality.com/album-reviews/kulkul-welcome-to-bali-2010/

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Welcome to Bali, the land of gods and one of the most stunning and beautiful place in the world. Bali has been known as the most favorite holiday destination in Indonesia because of its magical and mystical nuance, the exotic beach and richness of culture. The various kinds of Balinese dances have been quite an attraction for tourists. And don’t forget about the Balinese traditional music. It’s extremely vibrant and complex and the main purpose is to support the religious beliefs and the cultures. The set of traditional orchestra of Bali usually consists of a set of gamelan, various forms of percussions with the notes criss -crossing among them. The typical pentatonic sound of Balinese music is very unique and you will recognize it right away.

Jazz is a music that always welcomes every kind of music elements from any genres including the ethnical music and one of them is Balinese. There are many attempts to mix jazz with the traditional music of Bali made by both national and international musicians from time to time, and I can never get tired of it. Exotic and audibly soothing and relaxing, it never fails to bring a different feeling whenever you hear it.

Kulkul are:
DIDIET (Violin),
AWAN (Bass),
R.M. ADITYA (Keyboard),
FAISAR (Guitar)

Bali Traditional Musicians / Karawitan Bali :
I KETUT BUDIYASA (Kendang, Suling, Gangsa Pemade )
WAYAN SUDIARTA (Gangsa Kantilan, Kulkul, Ceng Ceng Kopyak),
WAYAN SUDARSANA (Gangsa Kantilan, Kulkul, Ceng Ceng, Ceng CengKopyak),
KADEK STIAWAN (Gangsa Pemade, Kulkul, Ceng Ceng Kopyak)

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