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Ifrid - Resistance Of Darkness

Ifrid - Resistance Of Darkness

Artist : Ifrid
Genre : Symphonic Black Metal
Country: Indonesia
Size : 31MB
Website :

IFRID was foundered by three vampires – Abenk black magic (bass), Ma'ik (guitar), and Bo'im (guitar) – in West Pasaman in the beginning of 2003. To complete such IFRID formation we recruited Mendra (drum); this vampire came from Padang and cause it's hard to look for a vampire scream we brought with Apis (now PODOM 13) as an additional player and we were unanimously to share Black Metal genre. Exactly on April 27, 2003, IFRID began to stick their tusks on any event available in West Pasaman. But this formation didn't sustain, because, in early 2004, Apis came out of IFRID. To fill this void in a vocal scream he was substituted by Bo'im, and to sharpen the tusks we recruited another vampire Yudi (keyboard) as an additional player.

In early 2005, Ma'ik went to Java for samadhi, and at that time Mendra was out of IFRID. To fill it, IFRID recruited a very skinned, tall but handsome vampire named Iis. Some weeks later the IFRID recruited formally a female vampire (vocal) named Eva. Then, for intermittent voids in guitarists, IFRID sequentially came with Zulham (casper), Anda, and lightning Yudi as the subsequent additional players. Some months later Bo'im retired from IFRID and then to fill it the IFRID recruited a hyper-sex, alcoholic vampire but a rather handsome one for a curly-hair vampire on September 2005; he was Def filth (Ex Sijundai). And not too longer IFRID engaged a small skin vampire named Kensy as a vocal scream. Cause of difficult searches for the fresh-blood vampires in Pasaman, in early 2006, IFRID moved to the capital of West Sumatra (Padang). Some months later Ma'ik came from his Samadhi; and at that time for some certain reasons, IFRID excluded Iis and Kensy. To fill them, the position of drum was substituted by Def fifth and in a voc scream it was filled by Devampire (black diagram) as an additional player.

In the beginning of 2007, the IFRID took on a small skin vampire named a barbarian Ridho (Ex Regiset) as a guitarist. Some weeks later the IFRID recruited another vampire named Deka vampiric (Ex Fira'un) as a vocal scream. And for some certain premises, precisely in Novemer 2008, Joendai exited from IFRID and directly substituted by a vampire named Devampire (black ex diagram) as a vocal scream. Some days later IFRID came with Yopi (ex wizard) for an exchange with Bhadoel (Ex Fira'un) to play a keyboard. Eventually the IFRID is ready to search for fresh-blood virgin suckers all over the world, especially in Indonesia.


* ABENK B.M : 081374283666 Or 085263858666
* DEVAMPIRE : 081267423047
* DEF FILTH : 07517985866

Track list :
01. Sunday sick 041226 (ft. Icha medusa of burial)
02. Turn of change
03. Litany of darkness (new)

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