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Authority - Kerusakan Sistem Otak

Authority - Kerusakan Sistem Otak

Artist : Authority
Album : Kerusakan Sistem Otak
Genre : Grind Core
Country : Jakarta, Indonesia

AUTHORITY was formed in Jakarta, Indonesia on February 19th1997, with the first formation : Budy (Vocals), Sandy (Guitars), Oelynk (Bass) and Deddy (Drums). After run for a month, Deddy (Drums) was out from the band and replaced by Ary (Drums) they added another musician, Teguh as 2nd Vocal. At that time AUTHORITY played Trash Metal and Death Metal, like SEPULTURA, HYPOCRISY, etc. In the middle of 1998, AUTHORITY changed their music concept, they began playing Brutal Death Grind and since AUTHORITY changed their music concept, Boppack joined to the band as 2nd or lead guitars, but not long afe joined, Boppack out of the band and then Sandy (Guitars) and Teguh (2nd Vocals) followed him left from the band because they think AUTHORITY don’t have a good prospect in the future
. Sandy joined to a death metal band, ROH HALUS. At this time AUTHORITY vacuum for six month. In the beginning 1999, Bhephe joined to the band as bass player, indeed they changed their next formation : Budy (Vocals), Oelynk (Guitars), Bhephe (Bass) and Ary (Drums). With this formation AUTHORITY tried to participate in local underground event. In the middle years 2000, AUTHORITY fell unsuitable with Oelynk (Guitars), because his activities impeded the band and decide to resign. Bhephe deciding to change his position, he start to play guitars. Indeed, the bass position in this band was empty. Finally, in the last of years 2000 Yudi B383K joined to be a bass player. In this formation AUTHORITY change they concept again, they added a little groovy style but still in Death Metal and they start to make an demo album that contains four songs with album title "Sick Of Violence Syndrome". Afterwards, in April 2003, AUTHORITY make they first independent album that titled “Kerusakan Sistem Otak”, with REborn label (A.K.A The Eye). Because of very complicated problems after that even, AUTHORITY decide to change their drummer position, Ary, and replaced by Sapto for the additional drummer, and they still participate in local underground event. But not long after that, Budy (Vocals) decide to resign from the band because of some misunderstanding problems, and followed by Sapto. Finally, at the beginning of 2004 Yudi B383K totally resigned from the bands. And fortunately, Ary accepted the invitation from Bhephe to rejoin to the band and together try to re-build the band. In this moment, Q-Jay joined to the band, who also try to be a bassist and vocalist too, and they change the name AUTHORITY becoming SoVT (SignOfViolnceTragdy), with the formation : Bhephe (Gutars), Q-Jay (Bass/Vocals) and Ary (Drums), and one more time, they change their music concept again, with more new style concept between grindcore, death metal, hardcore and new metal. With his formation SoVT make their independent demo album that titled “I AM THE AUTHORITY” (August 2007). Finally, in October 2009, Q-Jay decided to resign from SoVT. Budy re-join the band to back-up the vocals, he try to be a permanent vocalist too, and they add an additioal bassist, Chongor. They decide to back to their old concept again with the old name AUTHORITY with the last formation: Ary (Drums), Budy (Vocals), Bhephe (Guitars) and Eza Mpe (Bass). In this formation, they try re-build AUTHORITY from the beginning again to be a monster band continuing their grindcore journey in Indonesia that have been stopped before

Track list :
01. Suffocated In Anomalistic Crypt
02. Kerusakan Sistem Otak
03. Discrimination To Disgust
04. Lickin My Sweat
05. Petaka Manusia

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