Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In Class Translator

A program to edit and translate the class files in jar softwares and games
In Class Translator will offer you the possibility to access and translate class files within any JAR file. It is able to recognize text in "class" files from the JAR archives, and allows you to change or edit the text (class files).

How to...
· Unpack all classes (*.class) files from jar file with WinRAR (or any other archiver).
· Open "In Class Translator.exe" by double click on it!
· Click "Open" button to browse for class file.
· Edit your class file.
· Click "Save" button to save your edited file.
· If you want to "Save as...", see the "File" menu.
· When you done editing, just drag and drop edited file to the JAR archive.
· Transfer JAR file to phone and install.

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